To donate to Seton Hall Prep in Brendan Tevlin’s name to keep his spirit of “Good Vibes & Easy Living” please click this provided link:

If you are interested in sending a check instead, the address is: 120 Northfield Ave, West Orange, NJ 07039

The family is focused on and our hope is that you and your family will join us – and many others… We are building a Brendan Patrick Tevlin ’13 Memorial Fund at Seton Hall Prep – the goal is to name the Game Field after him. His last wish was to play pick-up lax games this past summer at The Prep. He shared that with his prep friends just before his last night. Please think about a pledge in support of this naming opportunity. Join the Tevlin and McNulty family and do as best you can! And, please share with others and let them know about this great cause! “Good vibes…” will triumph over evil!!! “It’s all about the way Brendan lived – not the way he died.”

Gifts of cash and checks are the easiest and most common method of supporting any donations to Seton Hall Prep but there are many ways to donate to the Brendan Patrick Tevlin ’13 Memorial Fund:

  • Donations By Mail
    Checks may be mailed to:
    Seton Hall Preparatory School
    Brendan P. Tevlin ’13 Memorial Fund
    120 Northfield Avenue
    West Orange, NJ 07052
  • Pledges for Recurring Payments 
    Pledges for payments that can be spread out over several months or years will allow a donor to increase their gift to the Brendan Patrick Tevlin ’13 Memorial Fund.
    Donors can receive a pledge form by contacting:
    Matthew Cannizzo
    Director of Institutional Advancement
    973-736-6861 or 973-325-6633
  • Online Donations
    All major credit cards are accepted.
    Donations may be made
  • Gifts of Securities
    Gifts of securities may offer special tax advantages to some donors. The most efficient way to transfer securities to Seton Hall Prep is broker to broker.
    Those interested should contact:
    Matthew Cannizzo
    Director of Institutional Advancement
    973-736-6861 or 973-325-6633
  • Matching Gifts 
    Matching gifts will double, or even triple, a donor’s contribution. Many corporations and banks will match a donation, or even a spouse’s donation. Any donor should check with their employer’s personnel office for the procedures on how to apply for a matching gift.

For any questions please contact Patrick Tevlin @ 207-595-5213